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JILAP Energy Resources is an authorized reseller of Accell Clean products in Nigeria. In collaboration with ENVIRONMENTAL TREATMENT, USA, JILAP Energy Resources can market, sell, and provide technical supports to clients.

The Accell Clean products, such as SWA, DPP, SBR, etc., are non-hazardous, non-toxic chemicals. SWA is effective in cleaning oil spills, vessel FPSO tank and storage oil/diesel tank, and sewage and waste-water treatment. SWA is also good for stimulation and has been confirmed to increase productivity by reducing interfacial tension as well as surface tension between formation fluids and reservoir rocks.

It has been recommended for control of scale, paraffin (wax), SRB (Bacterial) control, corrosion, H2S, O2 reduction, and Iron Sulfide. DPP and SWA can also clear piping, vessel plugged with fine sands, scales, grease, wax, and treat H2S induced corrosion. DPP is also an effective cleaning agent for metal surfaces where grease and oil need to be removed. SBR is a good can candidate for soil remediation.

In summary, Accell Clean products are good for:

  • Tank/Vessel cleaning – SWA
  • Sludge retrieval and Remediation on land – SBR
  • Oil spill and/or pollution – SWA
  • Plugged piping and vessels – DPP

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